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$5 Friday: Skirt to Scarf

We're back with another easy $5 {or less} project for you to tackle this weekend! You know how much I love a good deal, right? Well, a few weeks ago I was shopping with girlfriends and we found this gorgeous purple IKAT skirt at the Gap... only $2.97!! It was too big for any of us to wear, but I saw the potential so I snatched it up. {Sorry McKenzie!} In about 15 minutes, I turned that … [Read more...]

DIY Boot Socks {from old sweaters}

This week Nat and I are taking a little break and enjoying some long-awaited sister time! She is making the trek to Idaho tomorrow with her cute kids to visit :) So all week we'll be sharing some of our contributer and guest posts from the past few months. Here is one of my favorite upcycle projects I've done this fall...About a month ago I found a deal on those really cute, tall boot … [Read more...]

Fabric covered bench {designer knock-off}

So, it's technically still Friday, right?? Hee hee. It's the last day of "get to know Holly" week and the first thing you're learning tonight is that I'm chronically late. I don't think it is because I'm lazy or don't respect people's time... I just generally try to fit too much in the timeframes I'm given. And then that perfectionist thing creeps in. If I have an hour to do something, instead of … [Read more...]