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$5 Friday: Skirt to Scarf

We're back with another easy $5 {or less} project for you to tackle this weekend! You know how much I love a good deal, right? Well, a few weeks ago I was shopping with girlfriends and we found this gorgeous purple IKAT skirt at the Gap... only $2.97!! It was too big for any of us to wear, but I saw the potential so I snatched it up. {Sorry McKenzie!} In about 15 minutes, I turned that … [Read more...]

DIY Boot Socks {from old sweaters}


This week Nat and I are taking a little break and enjoying some long-awaited sister time! She is making the trek to Idaho tomorrow with her cute kids to visit. So all week we'll be sharing some of our contributor and guest posts from the past few months. Here is one of my favorite upcycle projects I've done this fall... DIY boot socks from sweaters! About a month ago I found a deal on those … [Read more...]

Fabric covered bench {designer knock-off}

So, it's technically still Friday, right?? Hee hee. It's the last day of "get to know Holly" week and the first thing you're learning tonight is that I'm chronically late. I don't think it is because I'm lazy or don't respect people's time... I just generally try to fit too much in the timeframes I'm given. And then that perfectionist thing creeps in. If I have an hour to do something, instead of … [Read more...]