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Glitter Glam Halloween Mantel (and a big FIRST!)


Confession time! I have no mantel. I DO have this little shelf I like to pretend is a mantel. And (yippee!) this is my first "mantel post" on the blog! Mostly because I have no idea what I'm doing and I like to let Holly do all the home decor stuff! So there's my big first...My Glitter Glam Halloween Mantel. If you know me at all you're not surprised I'm posting it so late in the month. … [Read more...]

Fabric covered bench {designer knock-off}

So, it's technically still Friday, right?? Hee hee. It's the last day of "get to know Holly" week and the first thing you're learning tonight is that I'm chronically late. I don't think it is because I'm lazy or don't respect people's time... I just generally try to fit too much in the timeframes I'm given. And then that perfectionist thing creeps in. If I have an hour to do something, instead of … [Read more...]