Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY FROZEN - Inspired Glitter Eggs

Hey there! So, we have had so much fun seeing the response to our FROZEN Easter Baskets! Thank you for all the comments. If you missed them, we have an ANNA-inspired basket and one for ELSA, too. Today I'm sharing how I made the fun DIY glitter eggs that were the perfect addition to my Elsa basket.

To start, I used these great white plastic eggs. I had never see these before, but I am in love! They are actually dyeable and much less messy than real eggs! ($2 @ Walmart.)

This Double Sided Adhesive Kit from Silhouette was such an easy way to add the sparkly snowflakes and text to the white eggs. The kit includes everything you need!

After cutting out these snowflakes and some words on my Silhouette (Elsa and a B monogram for Bella), I applied the adhesive and got to glitterin'!

I used a paintbrush (included) to brush on the glitter. The adhesive is super sticky, so it's really easy to cover! The Silhouette kit comes with fine glitter and also this flocking powder that gave a different texture to a few snowflakes. I love how it turned out!

Once you've covered the whole sticker, you can wipe away the excess glitter with a different, clean paintbrush or even your fingers.

See the flocked gray one on the left?

These were the perfect addition to my little girl's Elsa Easter Basket!

Here are all the details... it's so easy to find blue and icy things once you get going with the theme! Click on the link to see the full post:

If you don't have access to a cutting machine, you could do a similar technique with a small paint brush and Mod Podge. I also used a stencil with the Mod Podge technique for these Glittered Candles:

So...we've been busy little bees lately. It's just more behind-the-scenes and less actual blogging type of busy! We are excited to debut a brand new site design on Wordpress in the next few weeks! We've also been getting ready for our favorite weekend of the year - SNAP - a blogging conference that will be held in Salt Lake City next week. Oh, and taxes. Barf. Anyway, this week we'll be back sharing some more last-minute Easter ideas and talking more about the changes in store for My Sister's Suitcase! Thanks for reading!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

FROZEN Elsa Easter Basket

Can you believe Easter is already a few weeks away? Time to start thinking Easter baskets! Today I'm sharing the second half of our little FROZEN-inspired Easter basket posts - and mine's all things ELSA! (You can find Holly's ANNA basket HERE, too!)

Since a lot of the actual FROZEN merchandise is hard to find in stores, I set out looking for more inexpensive things that still fit the theme. Here are some blue treats and basket items I found for the Elsa-inspired basket.

  • blue wicker basket (Easter section @ Walmart)
  • white pom-pom "snowball" trim and blue easter grass (Joanns)
  • bite-size Snickers (Easter section - they're all in blue wrappers!)
  • Hershey's cookies and creme mini eggs (lots of blue and white in this bag, too!)
  • Rock Candy on a stick ( I found this at our cute local drugstore)
  • blue/yellow cotton candy (Easter section Walmart)
  • Ice Breakers "Frost" mints
  • blue glitter nail polish and toe separators
  • Blue sequin tiara (Joanns - $1!)
  • I also grabbed some FROZEN books on Amazon - This Little Golden Book and two other beginning readers (not shown) and they were all under $3 each! Thank you, 2-day shipping!

For the DIY part of the basket, I came up with these glitter and flocked eggs. They're actually plastic eggs that were $1.97 a dozen at Walmart - they totally look real! My Silhouette and double-stick adhesive was the key to getting these beautiful personalized eggs. I'll be sharing a full tutorial next week!

Now let's get to the printables! (My favorite part, of course!) You could really have fun with this depending on what you can find for the basket. I love the blue crown that will go with Bella's dress, and this quote from "Let it Go" is a perfect match.

The rock candy reminded me of the "Frozen Fractals" Elsa makes... I was excited to find these colors!

And here's a tag for an idea I never got to use - Holly had the idea of including some dress-up (or regular winter) white gloves like the ones Elsa has to wear when she's little. I didn't have any luck finding them in stores...but Amazon has a few!
And last but not least, I added a mini wooden frame from Poppyseed Projects that includes more of Elsa's famous words. Pretty thought-provoking, right? ;)

If you want a larger print of the quote, you can right-click and save this image to your computer to print.
You can grab a PDF of ALL the Printable tags right HERE!

I hope these ideas inspired you if you have any FROZEN fans in the house! Once you start with the theme, it's pretty easy to find blue or sparkly things that any Elsa fan would love! 

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

FROZEN Anna Easter Basket

By now I think you guys know how much we love the movie FROZEN! And our daughters are just a little obsessed with Anna and Elsa. So being the cool moms we are, we decided to create custom Frozen-inspired Easter baskets for them this year. Today, I'm showing you the "Anna" Easter basket I made for my little girl. (You can see our ELSA themed basket here!)

I had so much fun thinking of ideas that would represent Anna's character in the movie.
Here's what I made & bought to go inside:

Anna basket contents:
- Blue and pink pinwheel (from JoAnn's)
- Pink crown (from JoAnn's dollar section)
- Anna inspired lip gloss (Lip Smacker covered with ribbon & trim)
- Anna hairbow (made with felt, ribbon, and buttons in Anna colors)
- Chocolate covered cookies (from Target)
- Reese's Pieces Carrots (from Walmart)
- Frozen yogurt gift card
- Easter candy in Anna colors... pink, blue, and purple (Reese's eggs are so yummy!)

I found the PERFECT color of Easter grass at Walmart!

I got my basket at Target, then customized it to look like the pattern on Anna's dress. 

1. I started with a simple bamboo Easter basket that cost $1.50
2. I used Royal Blue felt to cover the outside of the basket, and found some adhesive-backed felt in the perfect shade of Fuchsia to match Anna's winter cape! 
3. I also picked up some fun trims and ribbons at JoAnn's to complete the look. 
4. I used the fuchsia felt to cut out the flowers, and then I hot glued the aqua trim for the stem and leaves. I added matching fuchsia ric rac and a pretty purple trim to the top and bottom of the basket.

I was able to use the leftover materials to make a darling hairbow for my daughter to wear when she is dressing up like Anna. 

And since it is pretty hard to hide all of this stuff when I am creating it and taking pictures during the day, she's already taken over her basket and a few of the treats inside. (I took all the candy out first!) Let's just say her "Princess Anna" basket is her favorite new toy! And the grass makes a nice little bed for Olaf :)

If you guys want to make a FROZEN Easter basket this year, I made some tags with favorite lines from the movie to go with a few of the treats!

Tomorrow, Nat will be sharing her Elsa Easter Basket! I can't wait to see it!

If you're looking for a fun way for the kids to find their baskets on Easter morning, check out this Scavenger Hunt:

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