Friday, January 10, 2014

DIY Tissue Tassel Mobile + Nursery Reveal!

I can't believe baby Ivie is almost 3 months old! I figured it was about time I show you her nursery :) If you remember back a few months ago, I gave you a sneak peek of the design I had in mind for her room. If you guessed the "Girly Fox Nursery".... you were right!

The inspiration for her entire room came from the fabrics I used for her crib skirt (the bright coral polka dot) and an adorable red riding fox print I used for a pillow and in her quilt:

I wanted a really calm, neutral backdrop with a few bright pops of color and whimsy. What do you think?

First things first. The wall color is Crushed Ice, by Sherwin Williams. I loved it so much, I painted Anna's room in the same color. It is the perfect very light gray color! If you are looking for something light and bright, but not wanting to go with pure white, you should give this color a try. It gave me the perfect backdrop for my bright fabrics and accent colors.

 After I had the initial fabrics selected and bedding done, I had a ton of fun accessorizing the space! A few of my favorite things are the driftwood horse (from HomeGoods), the wooden baby mannequin hand (TJ Maxx) and my vintage children's book collection.

Oh, and do you spy that awesome silver poodle? That was a thrift store find!

One of my favorite accessories in the room is one that I made! A tissue tassel mobile, hanging above the crib:

It is pretty, colorful, and baby Ivie loves to look at it when it flutters above her!

This is how I made it. First I started by making all of my tissue paper tassels. If you've never made them before, here is a quick tutorial:

1. Take one sheet of tissue paper and fold it in half lengthwise, and then in thirds. Most times, this is how it comes in the package :)
2. This is what your sheet should look like before you start cutting. Make sure the folded edges are at the top.
3. Start cutting your tissue fringe, leaving about 1 1/2 inches at the top.
4. When all your cuts are made, open up the sheet of tissue paper.
5. Lay out the tissue paper on a flat surface so the fringe is on the sides

6. Start rolling the tissue paper carefully, all the way up to the top.
7. Now twist the paper in the center, fold it over, and twist to create the loop at the top of your tassel. 
8. When all of your tassels are complete, use invisible thread or fishing line to attach them to the mobile.
9. Use a small dot of hot glue to attach the invisible thread to the top loop of each tassel.

I used the inner piece of a 12" wooden embroidery hoop (you can find these at any craft or fabric store) to create the mobile. I painted the hoop white, but it would be cute left natural too. Once all my tassels were finished, and invisible thread secured, I attached them to the inside rim of the embroidery hoop with a small dot of hot glue. I spaced each tassel about 1" apart and ended up using a total of 18 tassels. It is important that you have varied lengths of thread attached to each tassel so they will not all hang at the same level.

When all of the tassels were attached to the inside of the hoop, I covered up all the hot glue mess with some beautiful silver glitter ribbon.

Yes, your fingers will be suffering from hot glue burns when you are done with this project, but isn't the end result worth it? 

I am absolutely in LOVE with this tissue tassel mobile! It was an easy way to bring the color scheme of my room together (they make tissue paper in every color imaginable) and it is the first thing my eye is drawn to when I come into the room. 

I know I have a ton of pictures... Just a few more details of the room, I promise! The changing table area.... this is actually an old project that I decided to rescue from the basement. Remember the ice cream parlor I made for Anna? Here it is as Ivie's new changing table.

Our 14-year-old sister, Lauryn, painted these darling foxes for me on a weekend visit. Isn't she talented? 

I love that Ivie has something handmade from her aunt in the room! Another project we finished that weekend was this glitter monogram for the shelves:

I painted a cardboard letter "I", like the ones I used in this project, with some bright coral paint to match the fabric in her bedding. Then I blinged out the front with my favorite new glitter... the gold tinsel glitter made by Recollections. It looks chunkier and more fabulous than regular fine glitter. Speaking of glitter, I also added some silver glitter to my chalkboard art above the crib:

This is another of my favorite prints from the Caravan Shoppe. I framed an engineering print from Staples (more info in this post), and added some mint green paint to the edges of the print to match the mat. I wanted to highlight the word STRONGER so I filled in each letter carefully with plain old Elmers glue and sprinkled them with silver glitter. You can't really see the sparkle in pictures, but it is beautiful in person!

The last of my easy updates is the addition of these gold triangles on her plain cream dresser:

I simply applied gold triangle decals from Walls by Mur on the drawer fronts of her dresser. It adds a bit of a modern feel to the furniture I have had since my first baby was born (in 2005!) 

Well, I think that is about it for the nursery reveal! If you guys have questions about any of the projects or sources for room, please let me know. Most of it was thrifted, re-used, and repurposed.... that what makes it so special to me. It is one of my favorite rooms in our home! Have a great weekend friends!

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  1. Too cute! I've been searching for an easy tassel to make, this is perfect! Stopping by from Tater Tots and Jello.

  2. Love it all! Your sister is so talented too!

  3. I love that this actually looks like a CHILD's room while being stylish. So many designed nurseries nowadays take all the fun out of the room, but this is such a nice balance of colors and neutrals. And your sister is very talented!

  4. What a cute mobile! I'm obsessed with tissue tassels and this is such a creative way to use them.Love the nursery too-it's so bright and happy.

  5. oh Holly, what a beautiful nursery!
    I love the colors, the gold "I", the gold triangles on the dresser,
    and the gorgeous tassel mobile!

  6. such a beautiful nursery! love the tassels and the fox prints.

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  8. GORGEOUS nursery! The color pairing is simply stunning and I adore the simple mobile. For something made out of such a basic material it's a showstopper!!! xo, S

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    Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. This is such a beautiful space! And so inspiring! I definitely want to make a tassel mobile now!

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