Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're the newest IC contributors!

We're home from vacation :) And we have an exciting bit of news.... we are officially the newest contributors over at Infarrantly Creative! YES, Beckie is one of our biggest blog idols and we are thrilled!

Our first post is up today, and we'd love for you to check it out! Find out how I turned a $1 trash can into an Outdoor Candle Lantern...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

No-Sew Ruffled Tablecloth {Guest Post from Five Days 5 Ways}

Since we're on vacation enjoying some sister & family time, we have an amazing guest blogger for you guys today... one of our FAVORITE blog friends! We love this girl! You may remember, we guest posted for Abbie last week and asked y'all for ideas for her "twin girl" onesies. The response was overwhelming! You guys are super creative!!! We've narrowed it down to our top 3 ideas, and we have posted the poll on our sidebar. Please check it out and VOTE for your favorite! We'll announce the winner on Saturday :) Take it away Abbie...

Hi there, MSSC bleeps! (That’s blog-peeps…I’m not calling you names, I’m promise). My name is Abbie from Five days…5 ways
—where I literally blog about a little bit of everything, with a theme for every day of the week (Try-it Tuesday: tutorials, Wardrobe Wednesday, fashion, etc. etc.)—and I am beyond thrilled to get to swing by Nat and Holly’s awesome pad to share an ultra-simple way to pretty up your table while saving oodles of money.
Now, I can hardly claim to be a craft diva like these two girls are, and in fact, that whole making-things-pretty-AND- saving-money bit I just mentioned above is an underlying theme in most of my posts (I’m a thrifting/clearance-rack scouring fool!), and almost all of the things I make are inspired by a desire to fill a decorating or fashion gap without breaking the bank in the process.

So when I decided about a month and 1/2 ago to host a summer (well, almost) dinner party on my back patio, I immediately began scouring Pinterest for (p)inspiration. I quickly fell in love with a certain vibe—laidback bohemian with a sophisticated twist—and I knew my table d├ęcor would need to reflect that. Problem is, “laidback bohemian with a sophisticated twist” can quickly become code for “pay oodles for it at Anthropologie” because they’ve got that look down.

And as much as I love Anthro, I am not cool with paying hundreds of dollars for place-settings and the like. The guest-list was limited to a dozen, but I wanted us all at one table, so my crazy-talented hubby whipped up a 12-foot-table for us all to sit at. But since it wasn’t stained or detailed, I needed a tablecloth to cover it.

A 180 inch (minimum) tablecloth to be exact. And those are hard to come by…especially for a decent price. Case in point: this totally-not-what-I-was-looking-for-but-at-least-it-was-the-right-dimensions option from Amazon?

So, I did what I always do when I can’t find what I want for the price I want it for: I make something close enough.
In this case, I found some awesome outdoor-friendly, medium-weight coral damask print fabric that I LOVED at Hancock’s for $6/yd and then added a ruffle-border made from painter’s drop-cloth using—wait for it—hot glue…and ended up with a super-cute, custom-fit, no-sew 180”X82” tablecloth for about $40.

It looked something like this:

Here’s what you’ll need for your own:
    • Drop cloth
    • Tablecloth fabric
    • Hot glue gun + glue (duh)
    • Scissors (not pictured, and they’re still pouting about getting left out)
And here’s what you’ll do:
1. Cut your drop cloth in strips that are long as you want them to hang down (mine were 12”) by TWICE as long as the length of fabric to which you’ll be attaching them (you’ve got to give yourself enough room for gathering).
I bought 8 oz. 15’X4’ drop-cloths from Lowe’s and ended up using an entire cloth + maybe 1/3 of another.
But keep in mind that my table was HUGE (12’X almost 4’), so a smaller table would require less fabric, which means less $ and less time.
2. There’s zero sewing involved in this project. So I just used the white selvage edge of my fabric as the guideline for where to glue my drop-cloth ruffles and just eyeballed it from there.
3. Decide how long you want your ruffles or pleats to be (how far apart, in other words), and then practice a bit using your fingers or pins to hold them in place until you’re satisfied with the look.
Obviously, I opted for wide-spaced pleats.
4. Attach your fabric “starting point” with a glob of hot glue,and then begin alternately gluing the underside of the drop-cloth to the body of the tablecloth and then attaching your pleats to the top side with glue as well.
5. Wash, rinse, repeat.
Okay, not literally (though washing your fabrics would probably be advisable if you’re into being proper like that : )). But, seriously, this is the most tedious part of the whole process since it pretty much takes zero brainpower but a whole lot of patience at this point. Still, even with such a large perimeter to ruffle, I managed to finish the entire tablecloth in about 2 hours.

And I’m kind of in love with the results! (unfinished edges and all).
Ain’t she purdy? I think I’ll call her Josephine.

If you want to see more party details (the party was actually last Friday, and this whole week, I’m giving a breakdown of party hows, wheres, and whats…including lots of pics, of course) or maybe some of my other projectsthrifty outfits, or room reveals, be sure to swing by and say hi! There’s not much that I love more than meeting new folks, and we always have something fun going on. Hope to see you soon!

P.S. A huge thanks to the lovely, talented, and extremely nice My Sister’s Suitcase gals for having me by. You girls rock!

Thank YOU Abbie! We are loving the amazing tablescape you created and your fun party game idea {you must check it out guys!} Thanks for sharing this amazing no-sew tablecloth with us. You know we love us some "no-sew"! Don't forget to go over to our sidebar POLL and vote for your favorite idea for Abbie's "twin girl" onesies :) We'll be announcing the winner and prize on Saturday!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rain{bow} Tutorial + Printable

We're sharing a tutorial and printable for one of our favorite EASY hairbows for the darling girls in your life... The "mini" felt bow.

Aren't they cute?

We started making these bows about a year ago when we found this awesome tutorial from Natty By Design. {You may also remember them from my Kite Wall Art.}

Ever since, I have wanted to make them for my little girl {who is just getting enough hair to wear ponytails!} In order to get the shape and size I wanted for these "mini" bows, I needed to start from scratch and make my own pattern. Here's what I came up with:

Once you have your pattern printed and cut out, these are the other materials you'll need:
  • felt {in desired colors}
  • scissors
  • 2 pins
  • hot glue
  • mini bobby pins
Here's what I did:

{1} Pin the paper pattern to felt {2} Cut out all your bow shapes and a small strip of each color for the "center" of the bow {3} Fold the ends together, (one will slightly overlap the other) and {4} glue them together {5} Pinch center of the bow together, then {6} wrap the small piece around the center and pull tight. {7} Use the bobby pin to hold it together on the back of the bow. (This works great to keep it tight around the center until you are ready to glue!) Carefully glue the center piece down and trim any excess felt. Then (leaving the bobby pin in place), add a small drop of glue to the back of the bobby pin on each side to secure it to the felt. {8} Your "mini" felt bow is finished! And it's dang cute!! These are so easy, anyone can make them, I promise :)

Nat came up with the idea to make a set of these bows for her niece's 1st birthday, and thought it would be cute to do a rainbow of bows! She's so creative! Here are the colors we used:

Look how darling they turned out in our rain{bow} packaging... we just used a gallon size Ziploc bag, trimmed it on one side, and attached the tag folded over the edge with a stapler. Easy!

Here is the printable tag for all of you! 
Please subscribe to us on Facebook or Pinterest before downloading. Thank you!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Free Father's Day Card from Treat {+an UPDATED printable}

Happy Wednesday! We have a great offer for you today from Treat (a Tiny Prints company) for a FREE Father's Day Card! We've ordered cards from Tiny Prints before when they have run this type of promotion and they are SO nice. You can even pay the cost of the stamp and they'll mail it out when you want! Scroll down to get the code!

Also, we've updated this post from Monday to include an 8x10 size of our Father's Day Printable! {Thanks to some nice reader requests!} Grab the printables here!

Treat Father's Day Greeting Cards

Between now and 11:59pm (Pacific Time) tonight you can get a FREE Father’s Day card from Treat!
Just use the code TREATDAD and enjoy a free, customized, card. This offer applies to all new and returning customers.
Here is how it works:
·         You choose your card from their hundreds of Father’s Day designs.
·         Personalize it with photos, nicknames, inside jokes, whatever you want to add. This is your chance to make it YOUR card. Be creative. Be funny. Be sappy. Make dad laugh, cry, or just smile.
·         Use the code TREATDAD to get this special deal. (Note: This offer is good all customers, whether this is your first time or 100th time using Treat).
Treat will truly brighten your day…and your dad’s! So check them out now and take advantage of this awesome offer!
Note: You can choose the “Send it to me first” shipping option to receive the card free. If you choose “Mail it directly to the recipient,” you will be charged $0.44 for postage. Limit one per household. You will also be asked for their credit card to verify your identity and prohibit fraud, but you will not be charged for a free card if you mail to yourself.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our cute friend at {5 Days 5 Ways}...

is having TWIN GIRLS!! {Back to that in a sec...} Do you know Abbie? Isn't she the cutest ever? She asked us to guest post for us today, and we are excited to share this "Try-It Tuesday" tutorial:

Go check it out {and then come back to help us out with a surprise gift for Abbie!} As a little thanks for having us today, we are making some custom "marker" onesies for her twin girls :) I have several ideas for fun words or designs that would be perfect for twins, but I want to know what YOU think...

Leave a comment on this post with your idea for the twins' onesies! We'll compile a few of our favorites, and then have people vote on the top 3. There will be something fun for the winner :) And of course, Abbie's darling babies may be seen wearing your idea!

Don't be shy, you KNOW you guys are super creative and we want to hear what you think :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Father's Day Gift {Treat Jar} + Printable

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home, Glad as I can be! Father's Day will be here before you know it, so I've got a quick and easy gift for you today: a fun treat jar perfect for Dad's desk at work.

 What you need:
  • jar, box, bag {any container will do!}
  • tag/card printable found here
  • a few bags of Hershey's HUGS and KISSES candy
  • ribbon or twine
  • adhesive

The PDF is setup so that you can use it as a card instead! Attach it to Dad's gift {growing up, I swear it was always socks or the newest John Grisham novel} and write Dad a nice little heartfelt message. He'll like it way more than the socks.

There are 2 color options: {click to open PDF}

Navy & Green               Brown & Blue 
What are some of your favorite Father's Day gift ideas? 

I had several requests for a "subway art"-style print, so here they are! 
They are 8x10 size - just right click to save to your computer, then print & frame!
Looking for more gift ideas & printables? Here are some fun and easy ideas!

Printable Mason Jar Tags

Printable Anytime Love Notes

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