Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Time Capsule {free printable}

What a busy and exciting day! Holly made these awesome Time Capsule printables for her kids and some friends that are coming over today for a special Leap Day playdate. SO fun! (And don't worry, if you don't make them today, no one will know. Do it sometime in the next week or so :)

All you need are the printed pages, some yarn or string, a pen and something for the kids to draw/color with. 

Here is the pink version: 

And the orange version: 

I'm doing it today with my little girl! I made a page with all 4 files so that I could print it out a little smaller and put the book in my Project Life album this week. I just cut them out and stuck the two pages together back-to-back, and then folded in half. If you want that version - here it is! {Here is the book-style in orange!}

{Hi, it's Holly :) I just wanted to add a note to say that I created the 4-page version for my pre-schooler and 1st grader to fill out themselves (that is why they are so big!) I wanted space for my 4-year old to "draw" in some of his answers and enough room for my 6-year-old to write too. If you are going to fill in all the info. yourself, then Nat's 1-page versions {pink} and {orange} will probably work better. Hope you enjoy doing this with your kiddos!}

Happy Leap Day!

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Come see us at {eighteen25}...

We are thrilled to be guest posting today at one of the first blogs we ever followed {and totally fell in love with}... eighteen25!

Here's a little sneak peek:

Let's get our green pancake breakfast on :)

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leapin' Lizards! It's Leap Day!

Hey everyone! As you know, tomorrow is Leap Day, so I'm putting together some activities for my pre-schooler and a few of his friends. Click here for a Leap Day Time Capsule you can easily print off and fill out with your kids. How fun will it be open these up in 4 years and see how much they've changed!

I also want to send them home with a treat, and my sis came up with this cute idea :)

How cute is that tag tied to one of my favorite drinks.... {get it? the Sobe lizard?}

I'm going to run up to the dollar store & see if I can find some little plastic lizards for the kids tomorrow. If not, they will be perfectly happy with an Orange Cream Sobe :)

Here are the tags we created:

Happy Leap Day!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

{Make a Splash} Challenge: 3-D Kite Artwork

We're so excited to be featured today in the Make a Splash challenge at Crafting in the Rain. Steph is so amazing! I found her blog a few months ago with these houndstooth DUCK TAPE boots.

Yes, that is duck tape. I knew we would be bloggy friends after that :) Every month, Steph is hosting a challenge with different bloggers and we are assigned a "secret supply item" that we must work our DIY magic with. February's secret item is, wait for it....


Wow. I was a little worried at first... Bows? As in shiny Christmas bows? My little girl's hairbows? No, no, no. I had to think of something to make with bows that was 1. Out-of-the-box 2. Not cheesy 3. I would actually use in my home.

I am in the very beginning stages of re-decorating my daughter's room. Now that she is getting closer to turning 2, I want to take it from a "pink nursery" to a white-walled, white furniture, brightly-colored everything else, fun-loving little girl's room. I found this fabulous fabric at Ikea a few weeks ago with a lot of funky, bright colors. That was my jumping off point.

Then, one week before Valentine's Day, this happened:

If you remember my Valentine Mantel,  then you may realize that the entire thing had just come crashing down! Everything else was fine, except the mirror {obviously!}

The mirror was gone, but the frame was too fabulous not to use somewhere in my daughter's room. So, this led to that, that led to this.... and here's what I came up with:

A fun, 3-D piece of art "framed" on the wall. I love the whimsy of the kite and the girl factor of the adorable felt bows. Seriously, look at these things... how cute are they?

I can't take any of the credit for these :) I followed a tutorial and pattern from this amazing lady:

The first time I made these bows, I did them just like hers, with the cute little tails underneath. I made a few headbands for baby girl :)

But this time around, since they were to be "kite" bows, I left that piece off and just did the plain bow:

I made my kite from some green-and-white striped fabric, turquoise ribbon, a small dowel, and a piece of carboard. Oh, and of course, hot glue :) It was one of those projects where I wasn't sure if it was going to work until I got to the end, so I don't have any pictures of that process! I basically cut 4 pieces of fabric to create the diamond pattern on the kite, applied it to the cardboard with mod podge, trimmed out the edges with the ribbon, and added a painted dowel across the kite {partially for looks, partially to cover up a few gaps in my fabric!}

Then, I attached it to the wall with some foamcore stacked and glued on top of each other {so the kite would stick off of the wall} and a handy dandy 3M command strip! Now, for attaching the string and bows to the wall...

I thought using pins would be a super easy way to attach them (I could even hide the pinhead underneath the middle section of each bow)... but it didn't quite work out :) All my pins were bending and the bows weren't really staying where I wanted to. I already had my glue gun sitting there, hot and just begging to be picked up...

So, yeah. I hot glued the bows directly to my wall. Are you worried?? I think they will come off pretty easily when I decide to paint the wall... but I may be waiting on that for a while longer now!

I am really happy with how it all turned out!

Oh, and I made a little printable for the frame too:

Here is the jpg file (4x6), in case any of you want it :)
And one last look:

Check out what everyone else did with their "bows" at Crafting in the Rain. Happy Monday!

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