Friday, October 26, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein Shirts

Are you busy with last-minute costumes and Halloween parties this weekend? Here is a cute and easy idea for making some festive t-shirts to celebrate the spooky holiday :) To make these adorable Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein shirts, I used the Ink Effects paints from DecoArt. This stuff is so cool!
You  paint a picture or design on plain white paper, {I used a coloring page I found online} and then transfer it directly on to your fabric. You have no idea how fun it was for me to paint these cute monsters! I used to love coloring books when I was younger... this is like coloring for adults! The ink effects come in a ton of different colors, so let your creativity fly!

I started out with some plain colored t-shirts from Target:

Once I was done painting my monster pictures, I let them dry for 30 minutes, then I prepped the surface of the fabric with the Ink Effects spray {you only need to use this if you are using a fabric that is more than 30% cotton.} Let it dry completely before you iron on your image. Make sure your iron is on the highest heat setting, set to NO steam :)

Then, just place your picture face down on the front of the shirt, and iron for 30 - 60 seconds. Keep the iron moving constantly to ensure an even transfer of your image. Here is what my Mr. Frankenstein looked like after I was done:

Another really cool thing is that you can use the image for up to three transfers. Just make sure to increase your ironing time to a minimum of 60 seconds with multiple transfers... they won't be as vibrant as your original transfer but still look pretty cool. I liked the more "washed out" look for my monsters, so I did the Mrs. Frankenstein transfer twice and ended up using the second one.

To add the "Mr." and "Mrs." on the shirts, I used some black heat transfer vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I love living so close to their warehouse! Here is the final result:

My little bride of Frankenstein modeling for me:
My baby girl's best friend helped us out with Mr. Frankenstein. What cuties!
I can't wait to do more projects with these Ink Effects paints... Look at a few other ideas I found for inspiration:
If you want to try your own Ink Effects project, you can find them at your local JoAnns or order online. I really loved using my paints, they were so easy to work with! Let me know if you guys try them out :)
For more about DecoArt Ink Effects:
Have a great weekend!

This post is sponsored by DecoArt, but the opnions are 100% mine!

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  1. These are so cute. The kiddos are adorable too! Thanks for the tutorial, I need to get some ink effects asap!

  2. Adorable shirts and adorable kiddos!!! great job!!

  3. Wow I love it! I did not know you could do that, and I definitely want to try it out. Does it hold up well in the washing machine? I especially love your daughter's outfit with the little purple skirt!

  4. So cute, never thought you can print the drawings on t-shirts like this, will try this on my nephew tees this weekend after drawing something nice which will really stand out.


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