Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 2: Instagram Photo Labels for Kids' Stuff

Thanks for joining us on this fun week of ideas! Don't forget you can use the ideas even if you don't have Instagram!

Today's idea is simple. Take pictures of stuff that goes in certain drawers, bins, shelves, or whatever containers you use. Print off the pictures and stick those bad boys on the front of the container. Easy! This is especially great for little ones. In fact, that's what a lot of these ideas were inspired by. My daughter (almost age 3) can't read yet but I feel is old enough to start taking a little more responsibility around the house. {Ahem, cleaning up her millions of toys! }

For this example, after using Instagram I actually pulled them into another App called PicFrame (Thanks Shelley for introducing this awesome app to me) to add text. They would look great without them too. (The text on ours are to remind Dad! haha!)

Now we know what goes where and it's making it just that much easier at clean-up time. You better believe I'm on the hunt for more things to label! Try it out! You can easily do it with your digital camera. Good luck and happy cleaning!
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  1. Such a GREAT idea!!! I bet my girls would put their stuff away a lot better with a system like that!

    Would you mind linking up this project on my blog please??

  2. so fun & clever!
    No kids in our house... and hubby and I can read ;) but I still love the idea!

  3. This idea is perfect! Being more organized is always a goal. :)Thanks for the info about the text app. Your blog is FULL of great ideas-thanks for sharing all of them. :)


  4. You know what... this is a perfect idea to help kids with autism learn to put toys and things back in their proper spaces. Actually it is pretty brilliant!!! Feel free to visit my blog.. it is kind of new! http://instantmommie.blogspot.com

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