Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{Ear}Ring in the New Year!

Ok, so that has to be the cheesiest post title I've ever done :) I have been wanting to share a really easy, fun gift I made for all my sisters for Christmas this year.

Paintable earrings. I love these things because they are super light-weight, and I can have them in any color I want :) Here's a pic of my gorgeous sister Nat (the other half of this blog) wearing the pewter earrings I made her:

I got the earring medallions from Pick Your Plum. I've seen them on their deal-of-the-day quite often, and it was about $4 for 4 medallions (two pairs) and the earring hooks. I'm sure you could find something similar at Michaels or Hobby Lobby (if you're lucky enough to live by one!)

I tried 2 different methods of painting, so I'll show you how I did both. For my first set, I used my good ol' standby, Krylon spray paint, in Classic Gray and Blue Ocean Breeze.


After one coat of spray paint {I only needed one coat on each side}:

After the paint dried, it was pretty flat and I wanted a bit more sheen.... so I decided to break out my craft paints :) With a foam brush, I added a light layer of "Metallic Gunmetal" from Folk Art:

I liked it so much, I did the same on the Ocean Breeze pair. It gave them a kind of patina, aged turquoise look. I was loving how they turned out!

I just added the earring hooks, packaged them up and mailed them off. My sister wears hers all the time. At least that's what she tells me :)

Now, for method #2. For my next round, the weather had turned quite a bit colder and spray paint wasn't really an option that day :) So I decided to use my acrylic craft paint this time. {Added bonus: a ton of colors to choose from that I didn't have in my spray paint supply at home!}

I decided on turquoise and citron. Shocker, huh? And just for fun, I thought I'd add a little glitter to these ones.


After one coat of paint {I did 2 coats for these ones to get better coverage}:

This method was a little messier, but it was definitely nice to be able to sit at the kitchen table (in a warm house) and not worry about spray paint fumes :) After the paint was dry, I added a topcoat of Extreme glitter paint in Peridot, also by Folk Art. It added just enough sparkle. For the diamond-shaped pair of turquoise earrings, I added a coat of black glaze instead of glitter, and then wiped most of it off, creating definition in all the little grooves and details. I wish I had a picture of these finished! {I gave them to my cute blog friend, Brooke. Maybe she'll send me a pic of her wearing them :)}

This time around, I added a final coat of spray polyurethane. I tied all my finished medallions on a piece of string, and braved my cold garage for a few seconds. Then I brought them inside and used my hair dryer to dry them super fast. I loved them! I wanted to keep a pair for myself :)

I might have to bribe a few of my sisters into taking pictures of themselves wearing these so you can see the final product :) I just ordered these today from Pick Your Plum and can't wait to make a pair for myself this time. Hee hee. I think I'm obsessed with painting earrings now. I might have to try that sunshine yellow. What color would you do?


  1. I saw mine up there!! :) So cute!! I'll have to post a pic of myself in my cute earrings you made me- I love them! I feel so special that I got a pair too!

  2. So pretty!!! love this idea~ Thanks for linking them up!

  3. Love it! Thanks for linking up! Check out my giveaway....

    XO, Aimee


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