Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Tablescape {and Toilet Paper Snowflake tutorial}

I'm really excited to share my winter tablescape with you guys, and over at Centsational Girl's party and HomeGoods contest.... I hope you like it.

When Kate announced this contest last month, I really wanted to come up with a unique idea. With sick kids, a week long vacation & Thanksgiving, I just ran out of time! I was telling a friend about the contest on Tuesday {was that only yesterday??} and I told her that I wanted to do it but I don't have any nice dishes, so what could I build my tablescape around? Too bad I couldn't use paper plates like we do every day :)

But wait, could I? Why not? I could use what I have and make it beautiful. Only 36 hours until the contest closes and I get a brilliant idea. Figures :)

So here is my take on an upclycled, "paper-or-plastic" meets winter wonderland tablescape...

Everything I used to create this tablescape is made from Paper or Plastic :) And I did it all for less than $15. Seriously. Just keep reading...

Do you like this shabby chic Snowflake?

I made it with something EVERYONE has at their house. I promise you won't be going to the store to do this project.... {Toilet Paper!} Tutorial is coming later in this post :)

And the ruffled "ribbon" I used to hang the snowflakes and wreath?

It's a white plastic tablecloth :)

It gets better! Those adorable trees are made from plain white cardstock.... see, you haven't even left your house yet and you have everything you need to recreate this look!

And do you spy some snowy looking tea light holders? Those are the leftovers from my toilet paper project!!

One of my favorite parts of this transformation was my "paper tablecloth".... I made a layered look with sheets of paper {plain white paper, vintage Christmas music printed from various websites, and that cheap grayish paper that we used to have in elementary school :)

Before we get to the tutorials, here are some more shots of the finished tablescape:

 Yes, those are paper plates and paper napkins! {Do you like how I camoflauged the plastic utensils?}

Simple placecards add a personal touch {plastic glitter snowflakes from Big Lots - six for $4)

This plastic white cedar garland was my "splurge"! I picked it up at Michaels for $7.49 (50% off)

I hope you love my "Paper or Plastic" table as much as I do! It is definitely beauty on a budget, and anyone can create this look for a more relaxed, kid-friendly dinner party this holiday season.

Now, for how I did it :)

I started with my table covering of layered paper... I really just used what I had at home, plus a roll of double-stick tape. I laid out my center design, taped it into place, and then created a tablecloth "edge" with folded white computer paper. 

Now, granted, this isn't a practical part of my design... there is no way this is usable beyond one dinner {especially if you have kids} but it is whimsical & fun!

Here's another one of my favorite projects... making ruffled ribbon/banners from a plastic tablecloth. I found the idea on Pinterest and it led me to this creative lady. Seriously genious idea! Her tutorial is great too, so I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. The only thing I did a little different was I used a double layer of plastic tablecloth for each strip, and I periodically cinched it up and hot glued it to make it look a little more like bunting. It was so much fun to do, and cost me $1. Love.

Next Pinterest project... the white paper trees. If it's possible, this project was even easier and faster than the ruffled ribbon. Check out the tutorial from Lindy at Cottage Hill. She includes step-by-step instructions and a printable pattern to trace for your trees! The whole project took me 15 minutes and cost me nothing {cuz who doesn't keep some white cardstock lying around their craft room?}

OK, and finally here is my own original idea :) The toilet paper decor!!

All you will need for this project is a roll of TP and a cheap, serrated knife that you don't want to use in the kitchen anymore :) It is really easy to make these, but I took a ton of pictures so don't be scared away until you see how simple it is!
Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Steal some TP out of your kids bathroom
2. Grab the crappiest serrated knife in your kitchen drawer
3. Start cutting/sawing the TP slightly less than half the width of the roll
4. Just keep sawing, just keep sawing.... you will start creating your own "snow" {added bonus for your winter table, haha!} When you are done cutting it through completely, the side you cut will look mangled, but that is perfect for the look we're going for :)
5. Take the middle out of the roll (cardboard tube plus about 1/4 the thickness of your circle)
6. Save the center for later {that's how we got the sweet little tealight holders}
7. Now you have your snowflake/flower thing
8. Bunch the center up and fill it in by separating the TP layers and fluffing it out
9. More fluffing :)
10. Now, take about 1/3 of the thickness you have left on the outer rim and separate it from the center part
11. You are left with 2 pieces now, center flower thing and a circle of TP
12. Cut the circle. This makes one long strip of TP layers.
13. Divide in half, then cut the two strips into four. {At this point, I tore the ends of the strips that had been cut with scissors because I like the messy texture it creates instead of a clean cut.}
14. These 4 sections will make your little snowflake arms... OK, I know that is a lame term but I don't know what else to call them :) Take a white twist tie, fold one section in half and twist in the center.
15. Here comes more fluffing! Separate the layers a little add more volume. Repeat for all 4 sections.
16. Attach each section to the outside of your snowflake center with hot glue.

And voila!

See how I am pinching these two ends together? Hot glue them together to create a place to tie your ribbon.

And now you can hang them anywhere! I used mine to add a little flair to the chairs :)

Remember the extra piece you have lying around somewhere? Add a tealight candle to the center and you have some cute snowy lights for your table:

Thanks for checking out my winter tablescape... now go create something fabulous with the stuff you have at home. Merry Christmas everyone! {It's officially December now, right?}
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    You did a beautiful job.
    Mommy Sauri~

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    We have a link party going on this weekend and we would love to have you stop by and share this!
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    I'm loving this idea Holly. It looks so neat and Martha Stewart-ish.

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  25. Very creative. I love the simple beauty of it.


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