Friday, November 4, 2011

$5 Friday {Thrifty Teapot Makeover}

When Nat and I started our blog, we wanted to do some $5 Friday posts with ideas for easy, cheap projects that could be easily completed in a weekend :)

Today is our first $5 Friday.... not sure how often we'll be doing these. {At least once a month I hope!}

A few months ago, I found this beauty at our local thrift store:

{Have you ever been so excited to get a project done that you forget to take "before" pics?? Yeah, me too. Just image an entirely brown teapot from the 70s, without any pink!}

I snagged it for $2, and had plans to use it for my baby girl's upcoming tea party for her 1st birthday. I was planning to spray paint it originally, but that same week the new line of Martha Stewart craft paints came out...  I wanted to see how durable they would be on the ceramic teapot. {Plus, when an entire aisle of Michaels is decked out in a new product line, how can you leave the store without trying something? Seriously people. I think I have a problem!} Here is what I picked up:

The paints were on sale, so I got them for a little more than $1 each, but at regular price you could get both for less than $4. I didn't use any type of primer or mix-in with the paints, I just started painting my first coat of High Gloss pink with a regular foam brush. After the first coat, I realized that in order to cover the dark brown, I would need at least 3 coats. Sorry, I didn't take pictures of any of that either! But just make sure to let each coat dry for about 45 minutes before you apply the next coat. {Between loads of laundry works great!}

The next step is to add your glitter coat. I applied this one pretty thick, and only did 2 coats. I wanted a lot of sparkle, but still wanted to see my original pink color showing through.

Here is the final result:

I decided to leave the lid off and make it into a decorative vase for the party. Since then, it has been a nice addition to her room! You may have seen it make an appearance in her girly glam closet makeover....

It also made a nice prop in her Halloween costume photo shoot as Alice in Wonderland. So it has been getting a ton of use.... and all for less than $5!

I thought I'd post a few pictures of her birthday party too while I'm honoring the pink teapot :) I had quite a fun time putting this party together for her (after all my airplane, Curious George, and Buzz Lightyear parties, this was a chance for me to do something completely girly!) Enjoy!

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!


  1. Love it!! I have a cup and saucer I might just do this to.
    And the party decorations look great and so do those pops!

  2. $5 Fridays sound super fun!! I just love your little party-too cute!

  3. Really great job on the party! I like seeing YOUR work, so many blogs show projects with pictures that were copied and pasted, not the tried and true stuff! blog follower!


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